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Abrogation - The doctrine of abrogation (an Islamic belief)

Age of Scripture
- A quick summary date chart
Age of Scripture - How do we determine the age of the documents?
Age of Scripture - When were the biblical books written?

- The principle of al-Taqiyya
(an Islamic belief)
Apocrypha - What are the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha?
Apostles - Jesus' apostles: The great obituary
- Does archaeology confirm or deny the Bible's claims?
Atheists - If there is a God, why are there atheists?

- The authority of God: the one triune God
Authority - The authority of God the Father
Authority - The authority of God the Spirit
Authority - The authority of God the Son

Babylonian religion - Bible similarities to ancient Babylonian accounts
Belief - Does "believe" mean hold as true without proof or logic?
Belief - What should all beliefs - scientific or religious - be based upon?
Bias - What is bias? Are Christians biased?

Bible - What is the Bible all about?
Bible - Does the Bible even claim to be true?
Bible - The prehistory of English translation Bibles
Bible - Scripture is intimately identified with Jesus
Bible - The authority of the Bible
Bible - The eternality of God's Word
Bible - The purposes of God's Word
Bible - The application of God's Word
Bible - The nature of God's Word
Bible - Spiritual maturity and God's Word

Bibliography - List of sources
Bibliography - List of Bibles quoted from herein
Bigotry - What is bigotry? Are Christians bigoted?
Book of the Dead - Similarities of the Bible to neighboring cultures

Canon of Scripture - Is the Bible complete?
Carbon dating - What modern laboratory methods reveal about the Earth's age

- Introduction to Catholicism and Protestantism
Catholicism - The church called the Church of Rome (Catholic Church)
Catholicism - The Catholic doctrine of infallibility
Catholicism - The Catholic doctrine of absolution

- What is chance?
Christ <see Messiah>
Christian - What does "Christian" mean?
Christians - Can one be too heavenly minded to be of earthly good?
Church - The early church and the spread of Christianity
Church and State - Why historical evidences for Jesus aren't commonly taught
Church and State - Public Law 97-280 and Bible-honoring American presidents
Contradictions - A short primer on formal criticism and perceived contradictions in the Bible (see also errors in the Bible)

Creation - What is it, and the two chief mechanisms by which God creates
Creation - How long did creation take? (as referred to in Genesis)
Creation - What natural revelation reveals about origins (and the most likely timeline of the Genesis creation)

Creation Science - What is creation science?
Crusades - The Crusades: a brief history (from the rise of Muhammad to 1291)

Dark Ages - The Medieval absence of biblical literacy
Dead Sea Scrolls - Early biblical manuscripts
DNA - What is DNA (plus DNA's role in intelligent design)
DNA - DNA's co-discoverer and his theory of its origin

Earth - How old is the earth?
Earth - Evidence suggesting a young earth
Earth - Evidence suggesting an ancient earth
Earth - The scientific description of how our planet formed
Earth - The biblical author's account of how God made our planet
Earth - The significance of Moses' account matching modern science

Earth - Natural revelation and its contribution to determing Earth's age

Errors - Is the wording in the Bible error free or not?
Errors - Where are the errors in the Bible?
Errors - Answering the most cited example of the Bible's scientific inaccuracy

Evangelism - "Here's what unbelievers really think" (Advice for believers on nonbelievers)
Evangelism - What's really most important to nonbelievers?

Evidence - How much is enough?
Evidence - Applying the fourfold test for exposing perjury to the Bible
Evidence - How clear must the evidence be for God and the Bible?
Evidence - After weighing the evidence for and against the Bible, how do we decide what to believe?

Evolution - First of the ten part series: Where Did Man Come From?
Evolution - A war between two philosophies
Evolution - History of the theory of evolution from 500 B.C. to 1859
Evolution - Darwin's theory of evolution and neo-Darwinism
Evolution - Evolutionists on neo-Darwinism
Evolution - Darwin's beliefs on the absence of transitional forms
Evolution - Archaeopteryx and the search for transitional forms

Evolution - Australopithecines - FINALLY the missing link?
Evolution - Java Man - FINALLY the missing link?
Evolution - Neanderthal Man - FINALLY the missing link?
Evolution - Nebraska Man - FINALLY the missing link?
Evolution - Piltdown Man - FINALLY the missing link?
Evolution - Ramapithecus - FINALLY the missing link?

Evolution - Tools of chimps or men?
Evolution - Evolution of the horse
Evolution - Evolution of the finch
Evolution - Evolution of the moth
Evolution - No primordial soup for you
Evolution - Punctuated equilibria - post Darwinian evolution theory #1
Evolution - Directed panspermia - post Darwinian evolution theory #2
Evolution - No chance life arose by accident: the numbers
Evolution - How evolutionary theory affected document analysis
Evolution - Partly based on the geologic column
Evolution - Intelligent design theory: Does it explain our origin better than competing theories?
Evolution - What is creation science, and the last word on creation vs. evolution

Extra-terrestrial life - Far out man
Ex cathedra - The Catholic explanation of "ex cathedra" speaking

Faith - What is faith? Two important definitions
Flood - Do extrabiblical accounts of a worldwide flood prove the Bible's accuracy or disprove the Bible's exclusivity?
Flood - The significance of a worldwide flood to explaining the earth's origin
Freethinking - The Bible, like any search for truth, welcomes freethinkers and the freedom of inquiry
Free will - Is there free will, and if not, has God then created some people to go to hell?

Geologic column - Partly based on evolution

God - Is there a God? (The cosmological argument)
God - Explain "the trinity" - that one triune God stuff
God - Our relationship to God and how he has made himself known
God - "Does God change his mind like the Bible says he does?"
God - Has God's character changed from the Old Testament to the New?
God - Does God curse people for the sins of others?

Gospel - What is the gospel?
Gospel - The summary gospel account of Jesus' last hours before the cross and crucifixion
Gospel - Detailed account of the S.S. Titanic's last days - an in-depth analogy of today's failings by both believers and unbelievers
Gospel - The gospel as seen in true modern day stories: the parable of our stray cat
Gospel - Why we possibly don't want the gospel of Jesus' resurrection to be true (ouch!)

Hell - An eternity in hell is fair punishment?
Hell - What is the likely nature of hell?
History - The prehistory of English translation bibles
History - "All ancient histories are just mythmaking..."
Humanism - The dawn of humanism: Darwinism applied to religion
Humanism - What is the purpose of life according to humanism?

Inconsistencies - How to improve the argument for unbelief
Inquisitions - History of the Inquisitions
Inquisitions - A typical inquisitional hearing
Inspiration - What is inspiration?

Intelligent Design Theory
- What is intelligent design theory?
Intelligent Design Theory - Can it be used to explain DNA?
Intelligent Design Theory - Can it be used to explain the universe?

Interpretation - Isn't one interpretation of the Bible as good as the next?
Interpretation - The history of biblical interpretation
Interpretation - The rules of interpretation
Interpretation - A humorous iIllustration of errant interpretation

Intolerance - What is intolerance? Are Christians intolerant?
Islam - A multi-part study on the history and doctrines of Islam

Jesus - Introduction to a fifteen-chapter study on the divinity of Christ
Jesus - What do we know about Jesus from non-biblical sources?
Jesus - Summary of what's known from non-biblical sources
Jesus - Why believe Jesus is a or the promised Messiah?
Jesus - Old Testament instructions on how to recognize the Messiah
Jesus - WHY, WHERE, and WHEN Jesus fulfilled the messianic prophcies
Jesus - WHAT and HOW Jesus fulfilled the messianic prophcies
Jesus - Prophecies proving that Jesus is God
Jesus - Quick summary of Jesus' major prophetic fulfillments
Jesus - Resurrection - first chapter of a multi-part series
Jesus - What is the basis of Jesus' authority?
Jesus - The gospel of Jesus Christ
Jesus - The summary account of Jesus' last hours before the cross
Jesus - Jesus is Lord; a summary and overview
Jesus <see also Messiah and Resurrection>

Jihad - What is jihad -- in jihadists' words?
Jihad - The first 1,300 years of jihad
Jihad - The last 100 years of jihad

- What is judgment all about (very brief)
Judgment - The four principles of God's judgment
Judgment - How to prepare for judgment (see also the gospel)
Judgmentalism - What to judge and what NOT to judge

Law - Do the Old Testament laws still apply or not?
Laws of nature - Observations determine (discover) the laws; laws do not determine what we do or do not observe

- No chance of accidental formation - the math
Life - What is the nature of life?
Life - Life according to science
Life - Life according to the Bible

- What's love (for God) got to do with it?
Logic - Faith is the foundation of logic (the basis of all premises)

Martyrs - Early Christian martyrs (see also Jesus' Apostles)
Martyrs - John Foxe's record of a typical martyr's fate during the Inquisition

Messiah - Who or what is the Messiah?
Messiah - How are we to recognize the Messiah?
Messiah - How the messianic prophecies were being interpreted in Jesus' day
Messiah - WHERE is the Messiah prophecied to arrive?
Messiah - WHEN is the Messiah prophecied to arrive?
Messiah - WHAT is prophecied to be the Messiah's lineage?
Messiah - HOW is the Messiah prophecied to arrive?
Messiah - What qualities will characterize the Messiah?
Messiah - What will characterize the Messiah's life?
Messiah - What will characterize the Messiah's death?
Messiah - What will characterize the Messiah's resurrection?
Messiah - Will God Himself be the Messiah?
Messiah <see also Jesus>

Miracles - Do miracles really happen?
Miracles - Do miracles violate the laws of nature?
Miracles - Extrabiblical confirmation of biblical miracles

- Are they relative or absolute?
Muhammad - Islam's founder part 1: from birth to the Hijrah
Muhammad - Islam's founder part 2: from Medina to his death

Natural Revelation - Good science is good theology; i.e., what nature reveals about God
Natural Revelation - What natural revelation reveals about origins of the universe, earth and life
Near East Religions - Any similarities to the Bible?

Open mind - Is an open mind a means or an end?
Occam's razor - Evaluating the resurrection simply as a conclusion
Occam's razor - The simplest answer is not always the correct one

Prophecy - Does Jesus fulfill the prophecies to be our Savior and God?
Prophecy - Partial summary of prophecies Jesus fulfilled proving his role as Savior and God
Prophecy - Have biblical prophecies ever come true?
Prophecy - Prophecy concerning Babylon
Prophecy - Prophecy concerning Tyre...)
Prophecy <see also Messiah>

Protestantism - An introduction and important disclaimer
Protestantism - "Protesters" of the Inquisition - the Reformation
Protestantism - Differences from Catholicism (not exhaustive)
Psuedipigrapha - What is the psuedipigrapha?

Quantum Physics - A basis for rejecting the existence of God?
Quantum Physics - Proof that the universe effected its own cause?
Quotations - About the quotations used on this site
Qur'an - What is the Qur'an, Sunnah and Hadith?

Radiometric analysis - How it's used in determining the earth's age
Reason - Does God punish us for using reason or asking questions?
Reformations - The Reformation and protestors of the Church of Rome
Religion - What is religion?
Religion - Isn't religion to blame for most of history's killings?
Repentance - The exercise of belief and repentance

Resurrection - First of the eight-part series: Could it have happened?
Resurrection - Was Jesus' resurrection literal or figurative?
Resurrection - The wrong-tomb theory
Resurrection - Was Jesus' body simply stolen by friends?
Resurrection - Was Jesus' body simply stolen by enemies?
Resurrection - Did Jesus barely survive the crucifixion and remove himself?

Righteousness - What is righteousness?

Sacrifices - What were sacrifices all about - the "sacrificial system"
Salvation - The nature of salvation
Salvation - The three tenses of salvation: past, present and future
Salvation - Is salvation contingent upon belief in the Bible?

Science - What is science? (And what it isn't)
Science - Is science an alternative to religion?
Science - History of scientific perspective (1600s to today)
Science - Scientists on the limitations of science
Science - The Bible and scientific accuracy - answering a common "scientific disproof" of the Bible

Secret books of the Bible - The Gospel of Thomas, etc.
Septuagint - What is the Septuagint or LXX?
Septuagint - References to the Septuagint as a means of confirming the age of certain writings

- Whom do they cheat most?

Titanic - Short analogy why the Bible is a warning saying this world is going down, and why you should figure out if the warning is true
Titanic - Longer analysis of how the Titanic, crew and passengers perfectly illustrate the problems with this world, its crew and its passengers

Translations - Why do we have more than one?
Translations - What are some of the major English translations?
Transmission - How were the biblical writings passed down?
Trinity - Describe the nature of the trinity
Truth - What is truth?

- The cosmological argument for God
Universe - The credentials of Moses who claimed to know its origin
Universe - Origin of the universe per secular science, step by step
Universe - Origin of the universe per the Bible
Universe - Does intelligent design theory apply in seeking to learn the origin of the universe?
Universe - How long did creation take?
Universe - Mistaken ideas and unfounded fears (I believe) Christians have about the age of the universe

Virtue - Is religion necessary to live a virtuous life?
Virtue - Basically is a virtuous life enough to get into heaven?

Wellhausen - Julius Wellhausen and other pre-war German critics' opinions on the Jewish aspect of the Bible
Why - Why consider the Bible?
Worship - What is worship?