Different people exhibit different actions.

Other people note this and conclude all actions, even opposing ones, to be equal.

But equal in what way, and is that an accurate conclusion?





"Like it or not, morals are relative."




Semantics to an extent; I've heard both sides argue yes and no (and morals are not really what's at issue here - I'll get to that below). "Mores", or "social mores", are definitely a term of relative measure - also defined as normative within a particular culture or time.

Morals, however, can be defined as preferred actions taken based upon one's definition of 'good', and this mostly revolves around issues of character. In other words, morals are absolute at least in the sense that no one executes an action they consider to be bad (whatever it may be) AND also calls it moral.

Similarly, there are certain specific acts, like violent rape or child molestation, that are universally considered to be bad and, hence, immoral in an absolute sense. Sexually molesting infants, for example, seems absolutely immoral, an act that no one is successfully arguing to the contrary.

(Isn't it possible someone out there perceives child molestation as a good thing, and hence is moral relative to them? Yes, but in such a case I would argue that extremely uncommon person's perceptions to be distorted and abnormal; certainly not a case on which I'd stake the acceptance of moral relativity or more notoriously moral equivalency.)

In another sense, I can also accept that morals are relative. Morals are relative in the sense that my perception of good may be different than yours, and our resulting preferred actions, or morals, would then be different. But this just transfers the discussion to the definition of good. And THAT is the real issue.

Does there exist an absolute sense of good and bad, or good and evil? I would argue they definitely do. It is a clear biblical theme, and I would personally argue along the lines of C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity. I'll elaborate on that another day.

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