Lengthy reading of on-screen text can be tiresome unless you have the right system and environment in which to enjoy it.

Being able to print the site's chapters is a good solution if you don't have such a set up.

Copying a friend on a chapter is also a good way to spark an interesting conversation; to see which things they would agree or disagree with, and why.





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Printing tips

Each of the chapter or section pages within the seven major divisions of this site has been optimized for black and white printing, portrait format, on 8.5x11 paper, with space for three-hole punching along the left-hand side.

All other pages such as the main and customized navigation pages have not been optimized, and in some cases may use excessive amounts of toner. If printing the section pages results in text being cut off, you must slightly decrease your margin defaults. If using Internet Explorer (recommended), do this:

  • go to File,

  • then Page Setupů,

  • then enter 0.3 for both the left and right margins.

  • If text still cuts off, try 0.25. I have not encountered the need to reduce margins below that.


Distribution tips

Because some pages contain lengthy lists or arguments, it may help to print these for reflection or reference. You are welcome to print chapters to use or share with others, but not to sell at cost or profit.

If you do share printed site pages, be sure to also copy any associated bibliographies in order to properly credit the references and corroborate the arguments. Please mention the site name where appropriate and if not otherwise visible.