This is a general orientation to the Bible and Christianity.

This is also a continuation of answering frequently voiced criticisms and accusations.

1. WHAT IS TRUTH: The blind men and the elephant

1.1 Equally right or equally wrong?
1.2 Small part of a greater whole?
1.3 Addition doesn't work.
1.4 Diversity doesn't work.
1.5 Subtraction doesn't work.
1.6 The Bible versus probability.
1.7 The Bible versus its rivals.
1.8 Where that leaves us.

2. IS THERE A GOD?: The cosmological argument

2.1 Why are things as they are?
2.2 Did the universe have a beginning?
2.3 Everything that begins to exist must have a cause.
2.4 What caused the universe?
2.5 God is the cause of the universe.

3. God, EVIDENCE, and atheists

3.1 According to the Bible, what is our relationship to God?
3.2 Has God made himself known to us?
3.3 How clear do we need the evidence?
3.4 How much evidence is enough?
3.5 If there is a God, why are there atheists?

4. CHRISTIANS: Biased, bigoted, intolerant, and judgmental?

Part 1: Bias, bigotry, and intolerance

Part 2: Judgmentalism

5. Was CHRISTIANITY cut-and-pasted from other religions?

Part 1: Similarities and differences

Part 2: The Bible and the flood

6. BASIC TERMS: Let's start by speaking the same language

Part 1: Religion, worship, and faith

Part 2: Christian, and righteousness

7. WHY CONSIDER the Bible? A nautical tale

7.1 Regardless of whether it's true, is it even important?
7.2 A piece of paper says the ship is sinking.
7.3 What would you do?
7.4 Three possible options.
7.5 Learn from the mistakes of others.
7.6 A reasonable compromise.
7.7 Where does the Bible fit in?
7.8 Are you in the majority?

8. What is the Bible ALL ABOUT?

8.1 More than one book.
8.2 Old and New Testaments.
8.3 What were sacrifices all about?
8.4 What is judgment all about?

9. About the SITE

9.1 Why was this site created?
9.2 Got religion?
9.3 Okay to question the Bible?
9.4 What's in a name?
9.5 What everyone believes.

10. About the AUTHOR

10.1 Reasons to reject the Bible.
10.2 Screaming backwoods Bible-beaters.
10.3 Stevie Ray Vaughan preaches the word.
10.4 Change in the weather.
10.5 What I can do for you.
10.6 What I can't do for you.

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"Shut up. Shut up, I'm busy."

- Last message sent by the S.S. Titanic's radio operator to the ship Californian in reply to its repeated warnings of icebergs April 14, 1912