This is a cliche you hear all the time, but is it true?





"Some Christians are so heavenly-minded they're no earthly good."




I think that can be a reality in some cases, but the problem is usually religiosity. People get caught up in all the externals of faith, like maintaining perfect church attendance, putting on Christmas pageants (grrrr), generally going through the motions, and completely losing focus of the real goal which is to become a disciple of Christ and develop a Christ-like character.

One of the most spiritually rewarding Sundays I had was when I turned around after heading out to church and just came home. I realized I was going just because it was Sunday. Where's the heart in that?? I instead read the Bible a while, prayed, and thought a lot about what the motive for worship really ought to be. That may or may not be an example of being heavenly-minded in an appropriate way, but at least it was cognizant of what worship ought to be.

Anyone who is truly heavenly-minded will be of great earthly good. You can never meet enough of these people.

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